House Of Mercy (a trilingual comic)

If tri-lingual surreal horror is your thing, look no further...!
Myself and morbid art-ghoul Iain Laurie have the following strip in Belgian art and comics magazine "LAZER Artzine", which you can check out here. Being a Belgian magazine, I decided to write a story that is slightly different depending on whether you read it in English, French or Dutch.

So while we monolingual brits wail in confusion and despair, the Flemish and Walloons can most likely appreciate all dimensions while their respective flag emblems dish out some collaborative murdering.

Thanks to Sander and Audrey for their translating muscle-power, and to Chanic for having us over in Lazer. It's a great mag including some excellent weirdness from Lord Hurk and a beautiful strip by Pascal Tessier, and you should check it out. The owl gives it two hoots!


  1. Fight Club on the Island Of Dr Moreau!
    Get in there!
    Good thinking on the language thing too.

  2. Thanks David!!

    Did the French read ok to you?

  3. Odd choices that had me lost in translation for a while. Good stuff, though.

  4. Thank you kindly, anonymous sir or madam...!

  5. Great concept, the 3 different versions.
    But "Un jour, mon fils m'apportera içi" doesn't actually mean anything in French.

  6. Thanks!

    It's meant to mean "one day my son will bring me here", with all languages ending with the same line. My French pal supplied it, but care to offer an improvement?

    Cheers for your interest!


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