A celebrity fan!

Just recently a pretty ordinary trip to B&Q became unexpectedly exciting!

There I was heading into the gardening section for some grass seed, when I realised that the usual point of sale promotional stuff was not so usual at all...

That's right! None other than Alan Fucking Titchmarsh likes my comics, and aggressively so at that! Britain's green-fingered guru of the garden, going off-topic on his B&Q promotional platform to support indie and underground comics - well, I was blown away and completely flattered. Though I don't know if I can really claim any credit for this...

Who knew we had so much in common?

Metal Forever Forever Metal, Alan Titchmarsh.


  1. I clicked those links expecting comedy gold, but was taken to the actual advertised sites.

    Sir, I am disappoint.

  2. I'm sorry. It's late... I'll see what I can do, but the damage to my reputation is done.


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