Medieval Times Are Here!

I'm thrilled to announce Medieval Times, a set of six new minicomics by me and the extraordinary Mark Brady!

....Once upon a time two knaves sat down in Ye Olde Tavern with a big bag of soldiers. These craven peasants selected the six miniatures of greatest fighting spirit, then perused their poses, demeanours and finery searching for the tales of valour and calamity within each."Medieval Times" follows these six brave English souls as they battle across Northern France in the heady days of the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) to tell their stories of victory and misadventure. For King and Country!

Or to put it more plainly....! Mark and I were bouncing around a ideas to collaborate on, and one that grabbed us was the idea of using little fighting figurines as a blank canvas to infer stories of valour and misfortune upon, stories which were very specific and personal to the moulded-by-the-thousand figure in hand. We picked some historical soldiers and from these our favourite six, and their attributes and the kinds of ideas we were knocking about fell firmly into the gruelling times of the Hundred Years War between England and France. Looking over each little figure in detail, we considered their poses and countenances, weaponry and clothes, to find the character hidden within and their own tale of glorious victory, ignominious defeat, or somewhere between the two and in doing so hopefully creating something unique from something ordinary. Each comic stands alone, but there's plenty of little links and overlaps in there for the keen battle-watchers. Introducing....!

Geoffrey: Camaraderie & Lamentations

William: A Master's Tale

Guy: The Summer of 1369

George: In Pursuit Of Glory

Nicholas: A Flurry Of Flags.

Sir Thomas: In Noble Service.

Six handmade colour minicomics, eight pages plus covers, including and inspired by a fighting man of days of yore. £3 each or £15 for all six, available at Glasgow Comic Con - Clyde Foyer - on July 2nd and 3rd 2016 and also now in my online shop. It's been a real pleasure collaborating with Mark and there's hopefully more to come from us in the future. In the meantime - come get your Hundred Years War on!

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