Glasgow Con and New Work - A Welcome Breeze of Fetid Air

New comics are here, all up in your face and also eyeballs!

I'd meant to post some details of all the new work I had going on at this year's Glasgow Comic Con before the event, but yer old pal Craig was busy folding and stapling comics into the dead of the night and didn't manage to. So here we are...

I had an excellent time of Glasgow Comic Con once again, made some new pals and saw some exciting new work both by creators I knew and didn't, and the new venue seems to suit the event really well. I was on a speed-drawing panel, hardly my natural environment but a good time, and I was really pleased to have a strip in the Con's official Awesome! Anthology collaborating with my good pal and national treasure Neil Slorance. We did a deeply profound Battletoads comic called "Bufo Proelium, Bufo Paenitet". Here's a page:

There's loads of cool strips in their including work by Zyzanna Dominiak and Łukasz Kowalczuk, and check out that amazing big bear by BHP's Kirsty Hunter. You can even read the whole thing online for free. Get to it!

My big new effort for 2016 was launched! Medieval Times by me and the excellent Mark Brady went down great and people seemed to really like them, and we were left with just a handful by the end of the weekend. Some more info on these wee rascals in a previous post. I've now made up a new batch, and they're available in my online shop now. Make like the medieval English infantry and go forth and pillage!

I also finally released my Ultimate Ross Geller Fanzine, which for something so profoundly stupid seemed to go down very well indeed, which was lovely because I put a great deal of effort into it considering it's profoundly stupid. It's available online now, eight pages plus covers charting the life experiences of everyone's favourite F.R.I.E.N.D in the context of Occult Armageddon. Get one over at Central Perk.

Lastly I released upon this unfortunate world a couple of new microcomics that I give out for free (the last lot are here) so if you're picking up anything from my online shop some of these are sure to creep their way into the envelope. If you like hand-folded Space Marine illustration zines then hoooo boy nerds, have I got a treat for you.
It's been great to get some new work out there, so a big thanks to Mark and Neil for their collaboration. I've got a lot of different things simmering away, so stay tuned for some new comics soon!

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