Vogue Condone This?

I was just randomly browsing a high-end women's magazine, as you do, when I happened upon the most troubling advertisement I have ever seen. There in the classifieds among the ads for psychics and fat removal and so on was this...

Good God! Does Vogue Magazine even check these things? Do they condone this clinic, and even recommend their services!? Needless to say, I was alarmed indeed. Look closely and be morally outraged:

Perhaps in the big money world of high fashion, there's so much advertising revenue sloshing around they don't bother to track who it comes from. Shame on you, Alexandra Shulman!

 Ladies - I implore you, do not call that number!

(February 2011, Spring Reptilian Fashion Overlords Special)


  1. This is a pathetic troll attempt. Hope they are not paying you too much for this ...

  2. Alright! My first hate-comment!

    Wow. I'd have thought it was a slightly elaborate and completely transparent attempt at some facetious gaggery. But it seems you're too sweet and simple to recognise it for that.

    And do you really reckon any money changed hands on account of this? Oh dear...

  3. Ha ha. It's pure manky.Although it does draw the eye more than the others adverts.

    Well done on your first "hate-comment". Though I don't understand the daft wee lassie lingo???


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