Nevermind the X-Men, here's the Craig-Men!

I happened upon this fun little thing, which generates unique little faces according to the name you type in.

So in a Grant Morrison / Kirk Morrsion / Gideon Starorzewski / Gideon Stargrave / King Mob reality-fiction meta-mashup fashion, I've created a team of badass badasses based on my various identities. As far as team-ups go, this one will leave the Justice League in the dust! Please welcome:

This is team leader 'Craig Collins'

And then clockwise from top-left we have: 'Classical Torturing' - my coolest name anagram, 'TK Maxx' - a pen name inadvertently thrust upon me, 'Lazlo Potemkin' - a name I use to divorce myself from my own terrible cartooning, and 'Zombie Barber' - my poorly chosen profile name.

I haven't quite decided the sort of comics I'm going to write about these guys, but I think they'll be a Death Metal Beat Poetry Combo who get into a caper that closely mirrors the plot of Three Men and a Baby. What kind of multiple personality mayhem do you think they should get into?

Funnily enough, when you type in "Iain Laurie" it goes a bit funny and you get this troubling image:


  1. You look like a right bruiser!


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