Roachwell in Comic Heroes

If Roachwell in a magazine with Spider-Man on the cover suggests you're finally getting the crossover you dreamed of, well you'll just have to placate yourself with this next best thing...

However, Roachwell did get a rather good wee review as part of a small press round-up in Comic Heroes #9, which is a real life tangible magazine you can find on the actual shelves of Tesco and such. According to the good folks at Comic Heroes Roachwell is "...refreshingly weird, effortlessly funny and at times just plain psychotic..." and "Funny, frightening and a world unto itself..."

It's not online, so you'll just have to take my goddamn word for it. Thanks indeed to Rob Power for both the review and extending support to small press comic creators at wide!

February 2012 Update Excitement : Screw my "goddamn word for it", here it is online now!

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