The Amazing Cider Man

Traveling down the well-worn trail of superhero parody with The Amazing Cider Man, a booze-addled tramp who believes he is Peter Parker.

Pencils by Curt Sibling, inks by Iain Laurie. This was featured in Wasted #3 but the Scottish dialogue was stripped out to broaden the appeal so here it is in the original braw Scots.

Page 1:
Page 2:

Super observant Edinburgh residents might notice this roughly takes place on the North and South Bridges...


  1. Great fun! It's a shame it didn't have the Scottish dialogue in print as I feel it reads really well. When I get round to finishing up my Black Donald strip I plan to have with an accent as I think if read phonetically it makes sense.

  2. why in the world would they change the dialogue, it's hilarious

  3. Thanks guys!

    I had a pretty good time combining that free-wheeling 60's Stan Lee dialogue with some choice Scots language. But I can see how it may not go over so well with some readers. So it goes!


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