Fermented Gags From Pickled Brains

Who likes beer? We dooooo!

I’ve been a member of Edinburgh’s Beer 52 for a couple of years now, receiving all manner of exciting and delicious craft beers from the world over in a big box at the start of the month, along with a copy of the excellent Ferment Magazine.

Last summer me and my good pal and collaborator the excellent Mark Brady had wrapped up our work on Medieval Times, and it was over a few sunny Sunday beers that I suggested to Mark we make a quite ambitious and unrealistic punt at submitting some comics to Ferment. We worked up about a dozen ideas for gags, picked the four that were strongest and that covered a pretty broad range of relevant topics, scripted them up for Mark to work his magic upon and posted them off...

Lo and behold, they only really liked them! Mark and I have had our short “Ales of The Unexpected” strips sitting pretty up front in the editorial pages of the last six editions of Ferment with more to come. It’s been absolutely ace working up ideas for weird beery gags with Mark and scripting them up, and being in the pages of a magazine I really like (and recently award-winning no less, congratulations Rich and Ashley!) is really exciting. Thanks very much to Ferment for having us on board!

I’ll post some full strips in the coming months. Cheers!

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