Thought Bubble 2014: De Mysteriis Dom Instazines!

I'll be exhibiting at this weekend's Thought Bubble comics festival once again, you can find me at Table 139 B where I'll have Roachwell, Crawl Hole, Metrodome and Haunted Bowels available. You can check out a slew of reviews down there on the right, but trust me when I say they're dead good.

But in addition, I'll have these cool wee Instazines which are hot off the press and I'll be giving them away for FREE this weekend! Contemplate the mysteries of Pophammer! Weep and wail to the sounds of Pophammer: The Ballads! Enter the realm of Black Metal... and who, or what, are the Dance Dudes??

Pretty small beer compared to some of the cracking looking books that are being launched at this excellent event, but I'm pleased that in the meager time available to me I've been able to complete something I'm pretty happy with and is pretty entertaining. So come on by my table, have a chat, check out some comics and grab some zines!

Lastly, if anyone in the UK would like these, Paypal me one £Squid on craig_stuart_collins (AT) to cover postage and they can be in your filthy claws in a matter of days!

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