Scottish MCM Comic Con: Beyond The Wall

I'm very excited to be at this weekend's first ever Scottish MCM Comic Con (7th September) in the frozen wasteland of the SECC, tabling my comics in the Comics Village along with a massive but undisciplined warband of talented indie creators! It looks to be a very busy exhibition with a great deal going on, and for a pretty cheap entry too...

Here's a wee round up of the books I'll be selling - do drop Table C11 by and check them out, say hello and have a chat. Note that Metrodome cosplay is actively encouraged!

Metrodome: by me and Iain Laurie. Drawn from The Metro like poison from a wound, Eight Contenders in The Fight for Survival, The Battle for Ultimate Victory! An experimental production in creation, destruction and survival, in a comic created from a single edition of the free UK newspaper The Metro. Sized A5, 24 pages Black and White with colour cover, released July 2013 (£3.00).

"The characters emerge fully formed from the deepest, darkest depths of the magnificently poisonous headspaces of Collins and Laurie... If you like your comics unsettling, in-yer-face and gratuitously grotesque then you can’t go wrong with the wicked and wily wit of these guys." Broken Frontier.

Haunted Bowels: A collection of small press comedy comics - gruesome gags and oddball humour, surreal comedy and morbid light entertainment. Omniscient beings, strange cowboys, troubled poets and unruly spectres and much more await within...!

Nominated for Best Comic and Best Writer at the 2012 Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards.
Sized A5, 24 pages Black and White with colour cover, released June 2012 (£3.00).Chocked to the gills with comics and featuring art by a multiuide of fine comics artists from Scotland and beyond.

"Yep, funny and surreal, dark, gruesome fun inside with a series of wildly different art styles..." Forbidden Planet.

"In the strips that make up Haunted Bowels, Collins combines clever bad taste humour with perceptive pop cultural parody... ruthless satirical swagger" Broken Frontier.

"That dichotomy between wry observational humour and outright bad taste lies at the heart of Collins’ best work... Collins’ love of horror elevates his comics to the extent that I suspect we’re only getting a glimpse of what he’s be capable of on a more sustained project" Starburst Magazine.

Roachwell: A surreal horror comedy comic by me and Iain Laurie. Sized A5, 28 pages Black and White with colour cover, collected June 2011 (£3.00). Featured in Indie anthologies Hive 4 and 5 and New British Comics #2. Nominated for Best Comic and Best Writer at the 2011 Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards.

"It’s a clever, solid, surreal and funny comic – and at its end, it manages all four in one strip." - Forbidden Planet.

"This is exquisitely macabre material drenched in a flawless cynicism; wonderfully and self-indulgently morbid in its delivery, it is gruesomely entertaining fare" Broken Frontier.

"...refreshingly weird, effortlessly funny and at times just plain psychotic... Funny, frightening and a world unto itself..." - Comic Heroes.

" interesting meld between Collins' absurd blackout gags and Laurie's intensely hatched and grotesque character work". Rob Clough's The High-Low.

Crawl Hole: A collection of surreal horror comedy comic by me and Iain Laurie. Trilingual comics, relationships past and the terrors of the Vengabus await... Sized A5, 16 pages Black and White with colour cover, released August 2013 (£2.50). Includes work featured in Indie anthologies New British Comics (UK), Top Shelf Online (USA), Lazer Art-Zine (Belgium) and Yuck (Australia).

"As usual with these gents, gore, violence and a twisted sense of humour is real high in the mix... All in all, this one is slight, but manages to do the important thing; it’s satisfying, with ideas that make the sum of the experience far greater than the page-count". Forbidden Planet.

Forbidden Planet - Roachwell / Crawl Hole cover spotlight. 

Of course, if you fancy any of these but are nowhere near Glasgow you can head over to my Big Cartel Shop. You, yes YOU, could be the guy who pulls a gun because we're no longer serving the breakfast menu!

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