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Some news and reviews tumbling forth from the Haunted Bowels...

Ahem-hem. I'm pleased to say Haunted Bowels has received more positive reviews...

First up is on High-Low Comics, where Rob Clough has plenty of good things to say including "Accustomed as I am to seeing cerebral if visceral horror stories from Collins, it was amusing to see him riff on pop culture and lay down some deadly puns".

It's all about the Round-Ups, as Henry Northmore grabs the Scottish Small Press by the scruff of its filthy neck in Scotland's premier events and entertainment magazine The List, and describes Haunted Bowels as "... satisfyingly weird as long as you like pitch-black sci-fi/fantasy-themed humour." And surely you do!

Phillip Buchan review Haunted Bowels in the mighty Starburst Magazine, nestling me between reviews of Scott Snyder and Craig Thompson like a turd betwixt two tiaras. Among Phillip's comments are "That dichotomy between wry observational humour and outright bad taste lies at the heart of Collins’ best work..."

And "...Collins’ love of horror elevates his comics to the extent that I suspect we’re only getting a glimpse of what he’s be capable of on a more sustained project".

 Startburst #380 - available in all good newsagents and Aggro-Domes now!

Phillip also sets me against the
"wholesome, Guardian-friendly fodder being created by so many independent artists around the UK" and likens Haunted Bowels to "the grotesqueries of Frank Quitely or the confrontational stylings of Mark Millar" which makes me sound far more bad-ass than actually I am.

And as an aside Rob Clough is back reviewing New British Comics in The Comics Journal as part of a Survey of International Small Press, giving a nod to me and Iain Laurie's strip "The Quiet Burden".

So thanks to all the above for the very kind review! You can head over to my Big Cartel store, but you won't find any copies of Haunted Bowels to buy I'm afraid. Either I sold them to you, or I gave you one because I think you're cool and I like your work. But I'll print more soon, so check back sometime!

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