Haunted Bowels!

Prepare to be haunted....!

I'm very pleased to say that after some years now of producing comics, I've finally printed my first collected volume - Haunted Bowels: Craig Collins Collected Comics Volume 1.
 Cover art by Iain Laurie
A collection of small press comedy comics - gruesome gags and oddball humour, surreal comedy and morbid light entertainment. Omniscient beings, strange cowboys, troubled poets and unruly spectres and much more await within...!

28 A5 black and white pages with colour cover. Some adult humour. Chocked to the gills with comics and featuring art by:

Dave Alexander, James Corcoran, Iain Laurie, Paul McCann, Rob Miller, Nulsh, Curt Sibling, Robert Thomson and Jacek Zabawa.

And you can buy it here in my Big Cartel for a mere £3 plus postage.

Needless to say it's been a huge pleasure collaborating with these exceptionally talented gentlemen, without whom I wouldn't have made any comics at all. Thanks guys, my hat's off to you! Thanks also to Stuart Gould of UK Comics, printer extraordinaire and all-round good guy.


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