Don't Make Me Run - I'm Full of Geek Chocolate!

Over at Geek Chocolate, Roachwell has received a beamingly positive review. It's "a body of work that will challenge you, that asks you to actively participate and, God forbid, think for yourself" and thanks to us "the comic world is a slightly scarier, weirder, stranger, but above all, better, place".

I'm flattered indeed - thanks Geeks! Read the full review here.

Meanwhile, behind the façade of this innocent-looking comics-blog... we've also had a kindly nod from the industrious Colin Bell in his 30 days of Comics over on Bloggerin' Time.

Colin describes Roachwell as "uncompromisingly surreal horror comic, which alternates between the terrifying and the hilarious" and erroneously calls us "amiable chaps". Thanks very much - though I think you meant to say "contemptible shit-heads". Read more here...

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