Wasted #8 is Upon Us!

Issue #8 of Wasted is out now from Alan Grant's Bad Press Ltd. Available in comic shops, newsagents and  heather funeral pyres all over the UK and online here!

You'll find all manner  therein, including some by written by me: Robor Sex, Human Error with art by Dave Alexander and more Zinder Surprise had with Paul McCann!

In fact, with this being the final print issue of Wasted before it moves to online only, it seemed an appropriate time to irrevocably conclude and gloriously retire the Zinder Surprise strips, which go out with an enormous bang!

It also seems an appropriate time to salute the Wasted crew. The costs and efforts involved in keeping Wasted going and considerable indeed, and the heroic efforts of the likes of Jamie Grant and Rob Miller have kept it moving ahead in challenging times. Kudos to you, gents.

I'm pretty proud of my contributions to Wasted. I've had strips in every issue and have somehow managed to exist in the nebulous space of writing oddball humour strips that aren't strung out on drugs but sit alongside other contributions fairly comfortably, and it's been an honour to see a mag on the hallowed comic shelves of Forbidden Planet or wherever else that has some of my work in it. I

It's also through Wasted and the Hope Street Sky Dungeon that I've met many of the artists and collaborators I do a lot of comics with, and now consider to be friends. Or at least, fellow underground scumbags. Thanks you rowdy lot!

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