Obscuro Roachwello Promoto

Roachwell minicomics are winging their way around the world, with an accompanying letter in one of five languages... click to view in embiggened pentalinguivision!

A huge thanks to my bilingual buddies Audrey, Katja, Sander and Karol!


  1. I think your translators are having a laugh with you - I distinctly see the word "Kunt" in one of those letters.

  2. No, not at all - "Kunt" is German slang for "unpopular webcomic"!

  3. Hey Grimalkin - Roachwell can be purchased as part of the superb Hive anthology!

    Actually these are just wee single A4 sheets folded into an A5 4 pager which I gave away for free and posted a bundle off to some comic shops here there and everywhere. Do you want some??



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