In the Viz!

I'm very pleased to say there's a wee strip by myself and Dave Alexander in this month's Viz!

We're in October's issue 199 just at the bottom of the Letterbocks. Obviously I can't stick it up here, but here's a postage-stamp sized sneaky peek:
Thanks to Dave for his sterling work on Viz efforts both past and future!


  1. So is that Kenny Loggins, or a young Kenny Rogers?

    It's hard to think of a young Kenny Rogers, actually - in my mind he was born already with that magnificent silver mane and a chain of roast chicken eateries.

    Well done once again, though!

  2. Not bought Viz in ages, but I'll make a point of picking one up.

  3. Cheers guys! Indeed it is Loggins, try the secret link for a reminder of his talents...

    A chain of roast chicken eateries? Damn you Rogers, damn your good fortune!


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