Wasted #5 Is Upon Us!

Issue #5 of Wasted is out now from Alan Grant's Bad Press Ltd. Available in comic shops, newsagents and fight-pits all over the UK and online here!

You'll find all manner of brash and bawdy thrills and spills therein, including some by written by me: Omniscient Zorgo with art by Rob Miller and Zinder Surprise with Paul McCann. You'll also find me in the guise of Dr. Hemp on a couple of letters - one Kafka gag deserves another.

Thanks also to Cheryl Cole for making my malaria gag unexpectedly topical. Here's a preview!

(Cover by Neil Beattie)


  1. Will be sure to snap up a copy when I'm up in Glasgow, can never find it in London. Look forward to more Zorgo wouldn't mind a pop at drawing him.

  2. It's normally in one of two possible places in the london forbidden planet, either where the music rags and industry/creator mags are or in that sort of sad island near the A of the A-Z where they have those strange magazines with the little toy marvel characters strapped to the front. I'll be in soon to move some copies around to the more strategic places when the hippies ain't lookin ;)

    Cheers for the link Crag \o/

  3. James, I don't know how easy it is to get to for you but Forbidden Planet in Shaftesbury Ave had a few issues of Wasted 4 when I was in on Thursday.

  4. It was downstairs in the magazines section, (Bottom shelf unfortunately and hard to see down there.) Top shelf mag has a better ring to it if Mr Spanky can manage to covertly shift em!

  5. Managed to find one thanks guys!

  6. Thanks James - sadly this will be Zorgo's last outing in Wasted so the cosmic bastard is somewhat homeless at the moment.

    But I'll probably look to keep him going here or elsewhere, so I'll need to take you up on that some time soon!


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