Roachwell vs. Indie Anthologies

A few different strips from our recently concluded dark comedy webcomic Roachwell (by myself and Iain Laurie) have popped up in some great wee indie comics anthologies, seen here being read by our lodgers.

Hive 4 is a beautifully presented book put together by J.M Shiveley of Grimalkin Press with all sorts of excellent contributors including Lord Hurk, Jess Smart Smiley and Malachi Ward. There's also the most superb Misfits knitting gag known to man.

Yuck! 3 is a great little underground comic full to bursting with casual violence, beastly mating rituals, bodily secretions and shocking ghoul-porn, with by amoral gaggery by David Degrand and excellent interiors by Jacek Zabawa. There's also The Lonely Ballad of Pistol Nipples in there, by myself and the erstwhile Robert Thomson. Not for the faint-hearted!

So yeah, go look at them with your eyeballs.

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